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Resurrection From The Dead
Wir leben mittendrin (11.04.2020)

Grußwort unserer Internationalen Gemeinde an der Auferstehungskirche

Von Pfarrerin Elsie Joy de la Cruz und
Pfarrer Dr. Christian Hohmann

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

During our last Worship Service in March we wished each other to see you again this day, to have a Holy Thursday Worship Service together with the Congregation, unfortunately due to this Corona Virus, all worship Services and gatherings are being canceled.

In this Holy Week and Easter Season we are deeply sad that we do not have the possibility to celebrate together with you and our Christian brothers and sisters this very important event of our Christian Tradition, the commemoration of the Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. These days remind us of the great love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ for all of us, by giving his life to us. He died on the cross so that all those who believe in Him will have eternal life.

In this hard times, we can be sure that we are not alone in our fears and sorrows. Jesus is with us. The message of Easter will remind us that Jesus is alive, he is risen from the dead. He proved to us that he is more powerful than all evils and power of death.

We can claim this power of God in Jesus Christ. Let us remain steadfast in our faith and prayers that God is with us, together with all the believers in the whole world.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Theologian who was executed by the NAZI Regime wrote:

Ich glaube, dass Gott aus allem, auch aus dem Bösesten, Gutes entstehen lassen kann und will. Dafür braucht er Menschen, die sich alle Dinge zum Besten dienen lassen.
Ich glaube, dass Gott uns in jeder Notlage soviel Widerstandskraft geben will, wie wir brauchen.
Aber er gibt sie nicht im Voraus, damit wir uns nicht auf uns selbst, sondern allein auf ihn verlassen. ( I believe, that in everything, even in the most evil thing, God allows to develop something. Therefore He needs people to do the things in the best they can.

I believe that in these serious and difficult times, he gives us power to overcome the crisis. But he do not give it ahead, so that we rely on our selbst, but to learn to rely unto HIM alone.)

With this encouragement, let us look forward with faith and hope that God will overcome the evil power that is before us and God will lead us in our ways.

We wish you a blessed Holy Thursday/ Good Friday and a Happy Easter.


Joy and Christian

Please especially note: On Easter Monday- Live-Stream: www.ekkv.de ( Christian and I will give the Impulse and the Gospel of Mark will be read in different languages from our international Group)


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